Christopher Kapessa

Law (RH) Resources Hub March 3, 2021 Christopher Kapessa: Call for new hearing after review refused

“Why are The CPS so afraid to be transparent and open? They have failed me, and they continue to fail Black families as victims, witnesses and suspects across the country.

Miscellaneous (RH) Resources Hub November 28, 2020 Police and CPS accused of racism after Christopher Kapessa’s death

“The decision made by the CPS leaves us feeling confused and perplexed as to how some can callously lie about my son’s death, inflicting more pain and anxiety on us for the last eight months, and it is the suspect’s human rights that prevail… whilst prosecution over my son’s death is deemed as not being in the public interest.”

Miscellaneous (RH) Resources Hub July 31, 2020 Christopher Kapessa: A mum’s fight for justice for her son

Racism is a factor that can’t be taken out and has to be examined by the police.

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