E Encyclopaedia Africana October 7, 2022 The Reign of Elizabeth II

A summary of the reign of Elizabeth II and events that took place during her reign

Listening Tree Uncategorized Video (LT) June 12, 2021 THE AFRICAN DIASPORA IN CANADA

This week we’re in Canada taking a look at black Canadian history and culture! The first recorded African man in Canada was Mathieu da Costa who arrived in 1608 and acted as an interpreter for the French coloniser Samuel de Champlain. You’ve surely heard of Harriet Tubman! She was instrumental in helping enslaved Africans escape to freedom in Canada. And have you heard of Africville in Nova Scotia? For 150 years it was home to a sizeable Black Canadian population, until they were forcibly displaced as the settlement was condemned by the authorities and deconstructed. We speak about all this and so much more, in this video!

Assurance & Many Men by Ransom Beatz
Afro Boy by Thaibeats

Illustration by: Jimena Isabel Merchán. Find her on Instagram at: @jimenaimm

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