September 6, 2020

Be a helper for God, and censure what is forbidden, 

And turn with the law which, which He wants you to follow, 

Hold no one to be useful or harmful, except for Him,

And walk the path of the chosen one, and die while you are on it!

For what was sufficient for the first of us,

is sufficient for the last one, too.

And leave those people who do evil things with respect to God. 

They misrepresented him by making him similar,

and made all kinds of excuses. 

They made bold claims, and blackened notebooks.

They let the nomads and the sedentary people,

both make bitter experiences, 

And the great sins of their [doctrinal] innovations

bequeathed small. 

And just in case a disputant, calls you to dispute

about their claims, 

Do not, then, dispute on them, except by way of

an external dispute.

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