August 6, 2020


Oh Uganda!

May God uphold thee,

We lay our future in thy hand.

United, free,

For liberty

Together we’ll always stand.

Oh Uganda!

The land of freedom,

Our love and labour we give

And with neighbours

At our country’s call

peace and friendship we’ll live.

Oh Uganda!

The land that feeds us

By sun and fertile soil grown.

For our own dear land

We’ll always stand

The Pearl of Africa’s Crown.


O Yuganda!

Ruhanga akubangire,

Niiwe matsiko gaitu



Nitwija kuguma tuhamire!

O Yuganda!

Ensi y’obusingye

Tukunde tukwehenengyere

allNabataahi beitu boona

Abara twiijemuIn

Tugire obumwe nkabanywaine!

O Yuganda!

Ensi eturiisa

Ahabwomushana neitaka ry’orwezo

Iwe nyamurungi weWe’ll always stand:

Tubeere eruru

Nkekiruunga ky’Afirika!

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