Black Minds Matter UK

July 19, 2020

At Black Minds Matter U.K. our mission is to connect Black individuals and families with free professional mental health services across the U.K. We aim to do this by making mental health topics relevant and accessible for all Black people in the U.K.

Black Minds Matter UK are providing black people in the UK with FREE therapy with professional black therapists. You can select a therapist from their website based on your needs, arrange a session and they will cover the cost.

Still We Rise Editor’s Note: Please bear in mind that this organisation is funded by donations from the public and if you are using their services and are in a position to do so, please make a donation to their costs via their website:

If you are not using their services but would like to make a donation to assist your brothers and sisters who are in need of the vital services that Black Minds Matter UK provide, please do so via their website: Thank you.

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