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July 12, 2020

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Books: Black 365. A large print book set out in a day-to-page format packed with details of people, events, facts and locations of relevance to people of African ancestry. (Priced at £20 + p & p)

Playing the Race Card (A Chip on my Shoulder). An account of a real-life, no holds barred conversation between a Black woman and a white man (both born and resident in London) regarding Race. (Priced at £8 + p & p)

Special offer: £25 + p & p, if both books are purchased together.

Also available for purchase from Amazon worldwide

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"It was intended for use among enslaved Africans in the British West Indies, which is modern day Caribbeans, so Jamaica, Barbados, Antigua," he says.
President Thomas Jefferson kicked off the country’s westward expansion in 1803 with the Louisiana Purchase, which at some 828,000 square miles nearly doubled the size of the United States and stretched from the Mississippi River to the Rocky Mountains.