Benin Bronzes

Miscellaneous (RH) Resources Hub February 9, 2021 A New Museum to Bring the Benin Bronzes Home

In 1897, the British Army violently raided Benin City in what is now Nigeria, seizing thousands of priceless artifacts known as the Benin Bronzes.

B Encyclopaedia Africana August 31, 2020 BENIN BRONZES (NIGERIA)

“My view is the British Museum should use modern technology to make perfect casts of its whole collection and send it all back,” he said recently. “You wouldn’t know the difference.”

Listening Tree Narrative (LT) August 31, 2020 Yes, I’m a trustee of English Heritage. And I want the Benin bronzes returned

For many, myself included, offering African nations their own art treasures on long-term loans is not enough.

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