Queens of the Nile and Nigeria: 22nd April 2021

April 14, 2021

H&F Culture, Experience and Black History Network are pleased to announce this presentation for anyone interested in the missing pages of World history by World renowned historian Robin Walker, Author of ‘When We Ruled’

This illustrated presentation will explore how the image of the Black African woman was replaced in Western European Art and her journey back to centre stage, beginning with how the image of Queen of Sheba and other Black African women have been removed from canonical western art. 

We will look at how the representations of the Bible’s black women, Moses’s Ethiopian wife and the Queen of Sheba and Ovid’s black Andromeda, the daughter of the King of Ethiopia, have been handled in canonical western art by Titian, Veronese and others; and how their images have become white, demonised or disappeared over time. 

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22 April 20216:00 pm – 7:00 pmOnline 50 Free of charge

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